NBA Free Agency: Carlos Boozer’s departure from Chicago is a “done deal”

It’s beginning to look as though the Chicago Bulls are finally ready to use their amnesty provision on Carlos Boozer.

Carlos Boozer and his enormous contract have been the subject of years of media conjecture. Constantly was the question asked: when will the Bulls use their amnesty provision on Boozer?

Back in 2010, the Bulls picked Boozer up from the Utah Jazz with a 5-year $75 million contract. While substantial, this money did not seem totally unreasonable to offer Boozer, a player who had averaged a double-double over the last four seasons and 20-10 in two of those years.

And while his time in Chicago has not been disastrous, it’s become more and more evident that Boozer’s skills are on the wane, turning him into and increasingly overvalued asset.

Last year saw Boozer have one of the worst years of his career, putting up a career low field-goal percentage of 45.6% while averaging less than 15.0 points for the first time in his NBA tenure since his rookie season. With $16.8 million owed to him next season and a more than able replacement in Taj Gibson, the Bulls are finally ready to part ways with Boozer, whether it be through a trade or the use of their amnesty provision.

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Boozer and his camp have been informed that Chicago intend to either move him in a trade or use their amnesty provision on him, claiming that Boozer’s move away from the Windy City is a “done deal”.

Given that the Bulls have until mid-July to execute the use of the amnesty provision, it’s likely that they’ll continue to shop Boozer in attempt to move in a trade. However, it’s unlikely that the Bulls will want to take in any salary that doesn’t belong to either Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony and with neither the Timberwolves nor the Knicks willing to take Boozer, the use of the amnesty provision is becoming inevitable.

The amnesty provision is a rule built into the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement that allows teams to use a one-time option that removes a player’s salary from the team’s salary cap and sees that player become an unrestricted free agent.

With Chicago in the hunt for the biggest names in the NBA market this summer, it’s unsurprising that they’re looking to get Boozer’s contract off of the books.