Destiny blog confirms PSN name and Xbox Gamertag are character names

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Bungie and Activision’s new title is due in September and a blog update reveals players’ character names are tied to their PSN and Xbox user names.

Following on from the latest Destiny blog update, it contained some Q&A from fans which Community Manager, Deej, answered. One question in particular, from user ‘F12’, asked ‘will we be able to name our characters in Destiny?’ Deej responded with the following:

“You are your character in Destiny. In your case, your Guardian will be named F12. If you want your name to be more colorful or personal (i.e. NinjaSniper420, Titan Nick, Robert Paulson) you need to change your identity at the source. Our hope is that you have an identity in the game that’s meaningful to you, and that new friends can track you from your favorite Destiny forum to a rendezvous in orbit over your favorite destination.”

So, if your PSN name or Xbox Gamertag isn’t exactly what you want to be referred to as you run about in Destiny, you’re gonna have to change it, ‘1337noobpwn365.’

Personally, I’m happy enough with my Gamertag on Xbox, and I don’t think the inability to specifically name my Destiny characters is going to affect me all too much. But what about you? Is this a big factor for you?

The Destiny beta is due to hit PS3 and PS4 on 17th July, with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One due to receive access later in the month.

Destiny is due for release on 9th September 2014, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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