PlayStation Plus free games for PS3 - Dead Space 3, Vessel and more

Dead Space 3 screen 2

PS Plus subscribers on PS3 can pick up Dead Space 3, Vessel and Doki Doki Universe for free.

Now available on the UK PlayStation store for PlayStation Plus subscribers are a trio of new free PS3 games.

Dead Space 3

Visceral’s edgy sci-fi horror survival series continues with a trip to the Hoth-like planet of Tau Volantis to battle it out with a host of baddies including Necromorph space zombies, Unitologist Soldiers and the giant insect-like Nexus.



A puzzle platformer with a focus on fluid simulation physics Vessel has you manipulatnig different fluids and creating Fluro automaton to do your bidding as you set abut fixing the world of Vessel’s machinery accompanied by sound glitchy, ambient stylings courtesy of maestro Jon Hopkins.


Doki Doki Universe

A bonus game for PS3 (in addition to the new quota of two games) Doki Doki Universe is also available free on Vita and PS4. A PlayStation exclusive title that offers up something completely different, Doki Doki Universe has you playing a robot learning to become human who on occasion consults Dr. Therapist for personality evaluations that reveal something of yourself.


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