GTA Online Independence Day weekend starts today - bonus GTA$, RP!

GTA V Salute

Running from 3rd-6th July head into Los Santos for the independence day festivities.

The Independence Day weekend event begins today with Rockstar bringing bonus GTA$, RP and several discounts in-game.

You’ll be able to pick up double GTA$ and RP when playing from the Independence Day playlist which comes with some specialised races for the new Sovereign motorbike and giant Liberator monster truck. At Ammu-Nation there’ll be 25% off all heavy ammo and 75% off Airstrikes.

Players can make the most of free Pegasus deliveries during the event, “Pegasus Lifestyle Management salutes your independence by giving you the freedom to call in any oversized vehicle at absolutely no charge.” write Rockstar, “Take advantage of the weekend-long offer to get to grips with the brand new Liberator monster truck, and spend 4th of July Weekend crushing cars into the ground like you'd crush beer cans against your own head.

There’s also a Snapmatic competition with 1 million GTA$ and an AMERICA vanity plate up for grabs.

Read more about the event here.

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