Awesome iWatch concept takes Internet by storm

A new concept video of what the Apple iWatch may look like has sparked excitement all around the web.

The iWatch concept video was created by SET Solutions and since its publication on YouTube yesterday it has already received 43,000 views.

Set Solutions' concept is believed to be based on last week's Reuters report that claimed the Apple iWatch may have a 2.5-inch curved OLED display.

The video has already been jumped on by the majority of tech sites including Gizmodo who said, "It's pretty plausible and pretty purty"; another tech site called Techno Buffalo described the concept as "Unreal".

This concept does look very sleek indeed, and its design is something you wouldn't really be surprised to see Apple produce. Gizmodo makes another good point that it "would slide in nicely alongside Apple's own style guidelines".

They are quite right really; the concept has the customary Apple bezel with the highly polished chamfered edges. It has that anodised aluminium look that you now see in the Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod.

The only things within the video that might be slightly far out are the operating system and the battery life. Six days battery usage on an Apple product is unheard and probably won't be heard of for a very long time. It seems to be running iOS 8, which is logical, but it's unlikely it will look anything like the mini icons in the video.