Top 5 most anticipated smartphones coming this year

With smartphone production ramping up for all the major manufacturers we look at the top 5 most anticipated devices coming at some point this year.

5) Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung is expected to launch two new flagship smartphones later this year, one of which will be called the Samsung Galaxy F.

Its design is expected to be very similar to that of the current Galaxy S5, but with one large exception... The rear will be made out of brushed metal, like that of the HTC One M8.

For years critics have bashed the South Korean company for creating their smartphones using "cheap' plastic, rather than premium quality materials like metal or glass.

Rumours suggest it will come with a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED quad-HD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The two guaranteed features that it will adopt from the S5 are that it will be waterproof and have the new fingerprint scanner within the home button.

Expected release - September

4) Moto X+1

The much talked about Moto X+1 will be the model up from the very popular Moto X smartphone. The handset's specifications were accidentally leaked yesterday by Brazilian website The Logos Bookstore.

According to the leak the X+1 will have 0.5 of an inch larger display than its predecessor measuring at 5.2-inches with a resolution of 1080 x 1920. Looks like it could be fairly powerful too with a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of on board RAM.

It will reportedly have 32GB of internal storage with the option to expand up 128GB via the microSD slot. The cameras don't sound all that groundbreaking though; the rear will be 12MP and the front 5MP. The X+1 will also come with Android 4.4.4.

Expected release - August

3) Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung second flagship smartphone to launch this year will be the "phablet" Galaxy Note 4.

The fourth-gen Note is rumoured to feature a gigantic 5.7-inch display with two options available to choose from. Buyerss will reportedly be able to purchase it with a flat AMOLED screen, or a curved AMOLED screen depending on their own preference.

If rumours for the Note 4's internals are true then it will be the most powerful smartphone ever produced. Several reports claim it will have a Snapdragon 805 SoC with four Krait 450 cores clocked at 2.7 GHz and Adreno 420 GPU, plus 3GB of RAM.

It will obviously have the same fingerprint scanner as the S5 and upcoming Galaxy F, with an upgraded S Pen also rumoured. As for the camera expect a slight improvement over the Note 3 with the 4 supposedly have a 16MP ISOCELL rear shooter, like the one seen in the S5.

It has also been speculated that it could come preinstalled with the latest Android L operating system that Google announced a few weeks ago.

Expected release - September

2) Google Nexus 6

After Google revealed that contrary to common belief they would be continuing to release Nexus smartphones, rumours has been rife about the Nexus 6.

With the rumoured specs of the Nexus 6, it could provide the Note 4 with real competition for the title of most powerful smartphone on the market. A Taiwan newspaper believes it could feature a 2.0GHz octo-core SoC chip with 3GB of RAM.

Rumours are also suggesting the Nexus 6 will be pushing close to the phablet boundaries with a 5.5-inch display apparently in the offing. Also with its rivals, the Galaxy's and iPhone, featuring fingerprint scanners one would expect the next flagship Nexus smartphone to have one too.

The Battery should also see a significant improvement with the Nexus 6 compared to the 5, which was heavily criticised for dreadful battery life.

Like the Note 4 it should also come with Android L

Expected release - November

1) Apple iPhone 6

Each iPhone that comes with a new number is often regarded as the most exciting and talked about smartphone of the year, and this one is no different.

It is guaranteed that Apple will be completely redesigning the iPhone with the iPhone 6. We've seen various picture leaks that show a much larger device with an all aluminium curved rear. We will supposedly see a sapphire glass screen in two new sizes, one will be 4.7-inches and the other will be 5.5.

Inside the device it's reported there will be a 20-nanometer A8 chip with still only 1GB of RAM, which is the same amount currently in the A7 chip of the iPhone 5s.

According to rumours the only camera improvement we will see in the iPhone 6 will be the introduction of Optical Image Stabilisation, which creates clearer and crisper images and videos.

Storage capacity is always a let down in Apple's iPhones and it's expected to be the same way this year with 16GB models all the way up to 64GB, with no option to expand it.

It will come preinstalled with Apple next operating system update iOS 8, which features messaging improvements, interactive notifications and better integration with other Apple devices.

Expected release - September/October