Thief video games to get a movie adaptation

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Looking Glass Studios’ long running stealthy adventures of Garrett to join the list of games to make their way to the movies.

In an exclusive reported by Tracking Board.the Thief video games are said to be getting a movie adaptation. The project is in the works at Vertigo and Prime Universe with Adrian Askarieh and Roy Lee producing.

Both studios involved are no newcomers to the world of games movie crossovers, Prime Universe under Askarieh made the 2007 film adaptation of the HItman video games with a reboot entitled Hitman Agent 47 currently in production. Vertigo are riding high off the success ot The Lego Movie (itself a franchise well known for its adaptations of existing films into games) having just taken almost half a billion dollars for the film amid critical acclaim for the toy-land blockbuster.

The Thief games which started back in 1998 have always had a strong focus on stealth gameplay and follow the story of sarcastic protagonist and highly skilled Thief Garrett who plies his trade against the backdrop of a nameless medieval/steampunk inspired city. The components for some good tense set pieces are there with Thief (see Mission Impossible) and we’re interested to see how the style of Thief translates into film.

Theif joins the ever-growing list of games to get made into movies. Current game-to-film projects in the works include Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed.

The initial announcements have given no indication of timescale or talent being brought into the project.

What do you make of the news? Would you like to see a Thief movie? Do you think the producers will do the game justice?

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