Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks sketch gets its own mobile game

The Ministry of Silly Walks Game

John Cleese lends his vocal talents to the official iOS and Android game celebrating the classic Ministry of Silly Walks sketch.

The Ministry of Silly Walks came out last week for iOS and Android devices from Boondoggle Studios. A Python approved title the voice of John Cleese can be heard as you play a wonky-legged, bowler-hatted city gent auto-running through a series of challenges.

For those unfamiliar with the Ministry of Silly Walks we have included the original Monty Python sketch below. This, one of Python's most memorable skits, originally aired back in 1970 and typifies the Python’s 'angry young men’ parodies of great British institutions with a city civil service ministry devoted to the propagation and financing of silly walking.

The Python’s are no newcomers to the world of video games. Several Python games have been in existence with a Meaning of Life game coming along in 1997 and more recently a Python flavoured games portal entitled The Ministry of Silly Games arriving on Facebook in 2010. Cleese’s abrupt tones can also be heard in games such as Fable 3, Jade Empire and The Elder Scrolls.

To see the full extent of the Ministry’s silliness on mobile please see the video below.

For the handsome sum of £0.99 you can pick up Monty Python’s latest silly game for iOS or Android and relive a great moment in British comedy that isn’t at all out of place amongst the other silly mobile games around.

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