Lionel Hollins wanted by Brooklyn Nets and LA Lakers

The Nets want him to replace outgoing Jason Kidd; Lakers still interested

The Brooklyn Nets coaching job is suddenly available, and Lionel Hollins has a new option.

Fortunately for them there is a glut of coaching talent. According to CBSSports Lionel Hollins tops the Nets shortlist of potential coaches, and the interest is mutual.

Unfortunately for them, the Los Angeles Lakers could compete for his signature.

Hollins makes no secret of the fact he wants to coach in the NBA again.

The makeup of the team suits him. It is a ‘big team’, a team that has good size at all positions compared to most, so they are able to play a physical style of basketball like Hollins was accustomed to with Memphis Grizzlies.

Instead of the feared tandem of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol Brooklyn boast Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett, and the Nets can be confident in Hollins’ ability to get the best out of them. Further down the line, Deron Willliams is an unusually big point guard (6’3, 209 lb), and equally Paul Pierce (if he resigns) and Joe Johnson are sizeable at the 2 spot and the 3 spot.

In the aftermath of Jason Kidd’s bizarre departure, the Nets need to appoint a new coach quickly to persuade Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce they are not dysfunctional. They need to persuade potential free agent signings of the same thing.

There has been a recent trend for teams to hire unproven quantities instead of battle tested coaches (Steve Kerr, Derek Fisher, Jason Kidd) and it is refreshing that a coach like Hollins will be rewarded with a high profile job, be it in Brooklyn or Los Angeles.

The Nets have a talented, if ageing roster and Hollins isn’t the only man eyeing the job.

Marc Stein of ESPN reports than George Karl and Mark Jackson will also be considered.