Apple latest: Analysts predict record stock high, iPhone trade-in price drops

Today's Apple latest features all new analyst predictions, and is Apple dropping a big hint by cutting the amount you can now get for an iPhone trade-in?

According to a report by Fortune, some analysts are predicting that Apple's AAPL stock price could soon rise to over $700 once again.

The last time this phenomenon happened was after Apple revealed they had taken more than 2 million preorders for the iPhone 5. You have to take into account that Apple has split each individual stock into seven with 7-to-1 stock split, so prices so seem low to begin with.

The prediction differences from all the analysts are quite staggering with the lowest analyst, Brian Collelo of Morningstar, predicting Apple's stock to drop from $93.75 to $87. Whereas a very optimistic analyst called Stephen Turner believes the stock could go through the roof and hit $124 per share.

The average price of all 23 analyst predictions comes in at $101.49, which breaks Apple's AAPL stock record once the 7-to-1 split is taken into account.

It's believed that the sudden change in attitude is the result of new US carrier plans that will greatly increased the number of people able to upgrade to the iPhone 6 once released. To see the full rundown of analyst predictions hit this link.

Now we all know that the iPhone 6 is on the way, but Apple has just dropped a very big hint that suggests it is coming very soon.

Apple news website, iPhone in Canada, were the first to discover that the tech giant has cut the trade-in price it offers for an iPhone 5 in the US and Canada. Apple stores across America and Canada previously offered $270 for an iPhone 5, but now they are only giving a maximum of $225.

The reason behind this is obviously the iPhone 5 is fast becoming redundant with the 5s and 5c replacing it. But also Apple could be gearing up to start offering trade-in values for the 5s and 5c once the announcement of the iPhone 6 is made, which is expected to be sometime early in September.