Microsoft latest: Windows crack down on malware, Vaio to release new laptops

Today's Microsoft latest features the crackdown on malware websites, and the announcement of two new Vaio laptops.

In the ever-growing battle against virus riddled websites Microsoft has interrupted millions of server traffic in order to combat the problem according to the BBC.

The software and technology developer has taken control of websites that it believes is infecting Windows PCs. Microsoft has stopped all traffic from reaching the compromised domains, so users who regularly visit such websites will be unable too.

Their actions have caused a bit of a stir though as many sites that are not infected with harmful viruses have also been affected according to various reports.

Microsoft's lawyer Richard Boscovich wrote a blogpost saying how the tech giant had taken action against a web domain controller called He claims the website was helping to spread the Bladabindi and Jenxcus family of malicious programs.

The two virus groups can enable cybercriminals to steal user data, track keystrokes and listen to sounds being made outside of the computer. replied with a post on their on website claiming how Microsoft's actions have harmed many of their innocent users and they added "This heavy-handed action by Microsoft benefits no-one.

"We will do our best to resolve this problem quickly."

Our other big news of the day is the resurrection of Vaio laptops after what seems like ages since they last released any new hardware.

Now owned by Japanese Industrial Partners, Vaio has today released two new laptops exclusively to Japan. One will be named the Vaio Pro and will incredibly be constructed from carbon fiber. The Pro will feature a full HD touchscreen in either 11.6 or 13.3-inches, and under the bonnet will be a fourth-generation Intel Haswell chip.

The other, named the Vaio Fit will be a laptop/tablet hybrid, so the screen will detach and reattach depending on how you want to use the device. The Fit will be a very decent gaming laptop with its Intel HD Graphics 4400 chip and powerful Intel Core i7 4500U processor with up to 8GB RAM.

Unfortunately for anyone living in the west Vaio currently have no plans to release either laptop outside of Japan anytime soon.