Kyrie Irving agrees $90M max contract to stick with Cleveland

Kyrie Irving will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kyrie Irving has agreed to sign the Cleveland Cavaliers offer of a $90M 5 year contract extension, the maximum the Cavs could give him.

The news puts to bed any lingering doubts about the point guards commitment to Cleveland.

Irving has a few reasons to be optimistic about his future in Cleveland. Kyrie has a new coach to look forward to in David blatt, a coach who despite never playing or coaching in the NBA comes with much fanfare.

While outgoing coach Mike Brown was a defensive specialist, Blatt is known for being a coach able to get the most out of his players offensively. He is also going to be playing with Andrew Wiggins, a superstar in the making.

Now that Kyrie Irving has signed and Andrew Wiggins has been drafted attention must be diverted towards the pairs’ supporting cast. Cleveland is not a celebrated free agent destination. However, with two exciting young talents and two capable veterans in centre Anderson Varejao and backup point guard Jarett Jack, the Cavs should climb up the list of preferred landing spots for undecided free agents.

The Cavs also can of course engineer trades to build around the core they have. Their most urgent needs are shooting and experience.

Cleveland suffered from a lack of shooters which meant they were unable to spread the floor efficiently. Even though Wiggins brings athleticism and eye watering offensive – and defensive potential he doesn’t bring instant shooting ability.

The Cavs are also extraordinarily young. Outside of Anderson Varejao and Jarett Jack they have no one older than 26. Youth can be a plus, but having more veterans would undoubtedly help Cleveland put together consistent performances, something they just couldn’t do last season.

The aim for Cleveland with Kyrie Irving now tied down must be making the playoffs at the very least.