Apple latest: iPod touch UK price cut, Back-to-school promo starts

Apple has just cheapened and upgraded the iPod touch as well as kicking off their Back-to-school promo campaign.

A few days ago in the US Apple silently killed-off the bare boned 16GB iPod touch, and today they have done the same thing here in the UK.

In all honesty it was a pretty pointless device that was way too expensive; it lacked some of the main features you would expect to see in other touch's, for example it didn't even have a rear-facing camera, and it cost £199!

In its place Apple has put a new 16GB model that looks exactly the same; available in the wide selection of colours but instead it will feature a 5-megapixel rear iSight camera. The best news for us consumers is that it is also getting a considerable price cut, with the cheapest 16GB model starting at just £159.

So you get better hardware for forty-quid less! Quite a nice move by Apple it seems. Other size options have also received a price cut: 32GB is now available at £199 rather that £249, while the 64GB version has dropped to £249 from £329.

Could this be the start of a new trend set by Apple? For years users have complained that the 16GB iPhone is too expensive for the little storage that is available. iPhone fans around the world would rejoice if Apple lowered the price point for each storage options in the next iPhone.

Is this likely to happen? Maybe not, but with the price of internal memory chips getting cheaper, and the inability to expand your storage on the iPhone, Apple might just be feeling extra generous when they announce the iPhone 6, we hope...

Apple has also just started their annual back-to-school campaign where they offer students incentives to buy a Mac, iPad or iPhone. With every Mac purchase a student will receive a £60 app store gift card and for an iPad and iPhone a £30 gift card will be issued.