H1Z1: New gameplay video shows SoE’s MMO zombie apocalypse


Following its demo at E3 a new trailer is out showing off some of the crafting, housing, combat and weather effects coming in H1Z1.

SoE’s answer to Day Z, H1Z1 is a big open world post zombie apocalypse MMO game currently set to come out for PC and PS4 sometime in 2014.

Fans of the genre can check out what’s on offer with H1Z1 in a new gameplay trailer narrated by game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt.

The trailer which can be viewed below details the harvesting and crafting system coming with H1Z1 with a look at the character inventory UI, the combat and interaction with the perpetual zombie hordes and the rag doll physics, the housing system and its use of foundations, some of the survivalist basics such as a dew collector for clean drinking water and the different day, night and weather effects.


For those that like the look of H1Z1 Steam early access will be coming soon.

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