Upcoming games for Wii U - July 2014


What’s in store for Wii U gamers in July including Guacamelee! and the retail release of Wii Sports Club.

After a triumphant E3 Things are looking a lot brighter for the Wii U going into next year. While we wait for the big Nintendo first party titles to come along there is a steady stream of games for WIi U including this month some timed exclusives. We’ve rounded up what’s coming in July.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - July 2nd

Drinkbox Studios’ celebrated 2D Mexican beat em up/platformer makes it’s way to Wii U with the Super Turbo Championship Edition adding new content including new bosses to fight.

Armillo - July 3rd

Coming to the Nintendo eShop as a timed exclusive Armillo is an intriguing rolling 3D platformer with similar jump and dash mechanics to Sonic the Hedgehog that can be played with the tilt or stick controls. There’s some 2D retro platform levels thrown in for good measure check out the trailer.

Bombing Bastards - July 3rd

We’re surprised the name got passed by Nintendo. Bombing Bastards is from Sanuk Games and will be instantly recognisable to fans of Bomberman. Bombing Bastards is another timed Wii U exclusive with a PS4 version coming later.

ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red - July 6th

Already out in europe One Piece’s latest Anime JRPG pirate adventure will be available in North America for download from July 6th


Wii Sports Club - July 25th

The full retail version of Wii U Sports club lets you pick up all five sports (Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Boxing and Baseball) as a single package at a cut-down price.

That’s the new Wii U games for July. Leave us a comment if you’re thinking about getting any of them.

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