Transformers: Age of Extinction becomes biggest opening movie for 2014

Transformers Age Of Extinction

Michael Bay’s latest Transformers blockbuster looks like the movie to beat this year.

Overtaking Godzilla and Captain America: The Winter Soldier the new Transformers film, Age of Extinction has set new records this year for takings on a movie opening.

The film grossed $100m at the US box office over the weekend with an additional $201m from outside the US including $90m in China. Just four days since it opened Age of Extinction has so far seen a total just over $300m.

Age of Extinction could go on to break the $1bn global box office takings mark prveiously smashed by Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Although the Transformers movies aren’t without their critics the CinemaScore ranking colelcted from US movie goers after viewing the film is currently an A-. Proof that the general public are enjoying the action packed CGI extravaganzas just as much as before.

Paramount have already announced they’ll be bringing a fifth Transformers movie in 2016 although it’s not known yet if movie making commercial success mastro Michael Bay will be returning to the helm.

Without any apparent major competition Transformers: Age of Extinction could end up taking the number one box office slot this year.

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