This week’s new PS4 games releases

Sniper Elite 3 screen

What’s headed to PS4 in the first week of July including the North American Release of Sniper Elite 3 and Guacamelee!

The new PS4 games on offer this week are:

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Guacamelee’s brand of 2D platform beat em up action is coming to PS4 with new costumes, levels and elite-class enemies. Fight your way through a magical world inspired by Mexican folklore with your broad range of melee skills.


Available as a digital cross-buy already on PS3 and Vita Puddle also comes to PS4 this week. Puddle is a physics game where you need to guide a puddle of liquid through levels by tilting the environment left and right. Different liquids have different properties and factors such as friction, gravity and temperature also need to be taken in account.

Sniper Elite III

Already out in Europe, Sniper Elite III hits North America on July 1st. An in depth sniping and tactical stealth simulator, Sniper Elite has some deep ballistics simulations and slow motion X-ray bullet shots that never get boring.


That’s all this week for PS4. Check here for the free games coming for PS Plus members. Join in below if you have any comments about this week’s games.

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