Team17 signs creators of Sheltered, an FTL-style post-apocalypse game

Sheltered Logo

Team17 have signed up a small indie dev team, Unicube, to help develop and publish their new post-apocalyptic strategy game.

When thinking of games with a post-apocalyptic theme I just can’t help but think about the Fallout series, and when the hell they’re going to announce Fallout 4. Come on! But, a new game being published by Worms creators, Team17, has caught our eye.

Sheltered is a 2D 8-bit strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where your main priority is to keep your family alive inside their underground bunker. You’ll need to tackle many challenges, such as mental exhaustion and claustrophobia, and even trauma caused by stressful events like the deaths of loved ones.

Maintaining your shelter is key too, so daily stock checks on rations and water, plus daily maintenance are must-do activities if you’re going to survive.

Sheltered Screen 3

It’s said that the player will also be able to send family members/recruited survivors into the wasteland to scavenge for supplies. The other survivors can impact directly upon you and your family too, so if you agree to shelter a woman and her baby, those food and water rations best be kept stocked up.

When speaking of their new partnership with Team17, Sonny Meek and Dean Foster, co-owners of Unicube said, “We've been long-time fans of the Worms franchise. They were some of the first games we played on our PCs when we were younger. To think we're now working alongside them is a bit surreal. We're really excited about working with Team17 over the next year, and think we have a bright future ahead!”

“The minute we saw the concept we absolutely knew we wanted Sheltered to join our indie partner program, in fact it was a total must!” said Debbie Bestwick, Team17’s Managing Director. Bestwick continued by stating, “I think the process from our 1st look to signing it actually took around 48 hours, which shows not only the speed of which we move but also the belief both parties have in each other. Sheltered will be a very special game with huge potential, we’re really excited about working with Dean and Sonny over the course of the year and helping them create their first commercial indie game!”

The game sounds really interesting, and a welcome change to the usual shooter-style post-apocalypse games we’re used to. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished product next year.

You can still back the game over on it’s Kickstarter page, where it’s already surpassed its £15,000 funding goal. Its due for release on PC in 2015, and other platform releases are currently yet to be announced.



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