Neil Gaiman to break into video games with Wayward Manor

Wayward Manor

Due for PC and Mac on July 15th Wayward Manor represents Gaiman’s first foray into gaming.

Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman having worked through comic books, novels, films and TV shows will also be breaking into the world of computer gaming this month with the release of his first game entitled Wayward Manor.

In the game you take the part of a disgruntled ghost attempteing to reclaim his house from its unwanted new owners, The Budds, ‘a dysfunctional family of misfits and eccentrics’,

Gaiman has made the game in collaboration with developers The Odd Gentlmen according to the games blurb this came about after a Lego play session between Gaiman and the developers.

Gaiman has already enjoyed mass successes in other forms of media. Amongst his best known works are the Sandman comic book series, the award winning Children’s story The Graveyard Book and the novels Stardust, Coraline and American Gods, the first two of which have been adapted into mainstream films.

With Wayward Manor the game, as described by the developers is 'an unconventional way to tell a ghost story through a video game, ' which will have you observing the games characters and solving puzzles to progress through the story.

Wayward Manor was partially crowd funded by a group of some 3000 fans eager to see Gaiman’s work in games form. To see for yourself you can head to the Steam games service to get either a copy for PC or Mac due out on July 15th. A version for tablet is expected later. 

To get a feel for the game's syle check out the trailer below. 

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