NBA Trade Talk: Rockets, Kings, Suns and Mavs in the mix for Rondo?

Four possible trade destinations for the Boston Celtics point guard.

When the Boston Celtics selected Oklahoma State point guard Marcus Smart with the sixth pick of the NBA Draft teams around the league will have been alerted to the possibility of Rajon Rondo being made available.

Rondo has been perennially involved in trade rumours for the past couple of years, and now that the Celtics have his potential replacement on board the rumours could soon become reality.

Here are four possible landing spots if Boston decides it is time to move Rondo.

Sacramento Kings

The Kings have made it clear since Vivek Ranadive took over as owner of the team that they are looking to win sooner rather than later. They traded for Rudy Gay last season and have been recently linked to a move for Pistons forward Josh Smith. Sacramento could send rookie shooting guard Nik Stauskas, point guard Isaiah Thomas and a pick or two to Boston in exchange for Rondo.

Houston Rockets

The Rockets are going all-in this summer to try to attract a third marquee player to their roster alongside James Harden and Dwight Howard. Their top targets are LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, but if they whiff on those two Rondo would be a great third option. A package built on Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin's expiring contract could tempt the Celtics.

Phoenix Suns

Another team looking to attract James or Anthony, Phoenix is perhaps not a big enough market for either star. They have an intriguing young roster, however, and could make some real noise in the playoffs if they were to add rondo. 24-year-old point guard Eric Bledsoe would surely be at the centre of any trade package the Suns could put together.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks may be the best fit of any team that could potentially snare Rondo. They have star power forward Dirk Nowitzki, an excellent pick-and-role big man in Tyson Chandler, and a good scorer in Monta Ellis. Dallas has plenty of cap space and may be better off pursuing Rondo in free agency. If they can amass a few assets by making a few smaller trades, however, they may be able to put together a deal to interest the Celtics.