The iPhone 6 design might still surprise us

The iPhone 6 design could still offer up a few surprises despite numerous leaks revealing the general design of Apple's next smartphone.

A Japanese newspaper called Nikkei is reporting that the images and videos we've seen of the iPhone 6 are only "rough approximations" of what the final design will look like.

In the leaks we've seen a new curved aluminium rear, larger screens and a replanted sleep/wake button. Apple is usually obliged to send case manufacturers the dimensions of their new product before release, so they can have cases ready for when the products ships. It's uncertain where the dummy mockups come from but they only really meant to be used by case designers.

The material quality used in the dummies is not nearly as good as the material Apple actually uses, and these details are all present in the Nikkei report. But what will make iPhone fans happiest the most is that those cheap looking antenna lines you see on the back might not feature in the final iPhone 6 design.

Nikkei's report offers up two alternative reasons for the un-Apple like lines that we see in all the mockups. The first is that they could possibly be marking the outline of an area that is to be filled with a glass material. So perhaps the iPhone 6's rear will be more similar to the 5s' than we first thought, with the only difference being the curved design.

The second possibility is that the lines are real but will be created using very high-grade polished glass; Gorilla Glass 3 or even sapphire glass could be used in such an area. In the mockups the lines appear very plastic and cheap looking, and it is quite unlike Apple to include cheap materials in their £500+ market leading smartphone.

Also claimed within the report is that the Apple logo on the iPhone 6 will differ to all the logos that have appeared previously on iPhones. Instead of being polished and engraved like it is on the 5s, the logo will be physically cut out like it is on all Apple iPads. The iPhone 6 could also feature a curved display according to Nikkei.

We'll have to wait until September to find out for certain what the next Apple iPhone will look like, but we can be sure to see more leaks and rumours as the month draws closer.