Coma Mortuary gameplay

ComaMortuary 4

Coma Mortuary is an ambient and survival horror game created by N A GA Entertainment.

The pain of losing a loved one can be incredibly overwhelming and such is the case for the protagonist in this horror title. With the meaning of life lost after the love of his life dies, the protagonist spirals into depression and begins to drink. In a state of disarray behind the wheel of a car, he attempts to commit suicide in the same spot in which his lover was taken from him. Upon being critically injured in the deliberate car accident, the protagonist awakes in a completely different dimension. The body, in a coma. The soul, disconnected. The protagonist's soul now wanders the realm of the dead where a new story is about to unfold.

In the gameplay footage below YouTuber 'Dark Adonis' roams the dark caverns and stone-lined corridors in the realm of the dead. Put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and turn off the lights.

Coma Mortuary is available on Steam for PC.

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