Tiny Striker review – bite-size chunk of football action

England are out, which means the World Cup is now properly in full swing, and with the knockout rounds under way in earnest, look no further than Tiny Striker (iOS, Fat Fish Games, free) for a bite-size chunk of football action.

It's certainly not a full-featured sim – for that, look to Fifa 14 or Football Manager Handheld, which both offer solid approximations of their superior, non-mobile equivalents but still struggle to cram massive titles onto an i-device. What Tiny Striker does well is small chunks of gaming, focusing on scoring goals (the best bit of football, right?) with a series of finger swipes required to curl the ball (bend it like Beckham is so 2002, how about move it like Messi) and beat the keeper.

A 69p in-app purchase will remove the tiresome adverts, and the game gets progressively tougher, with defenders and goalkeepers plonked in your way – the cheek! – as the timer ticks down, forcing you to hurry ever more precise efforts on goal. It's not going to last forever, but it will give you something to while away the boring hours until 5pm and the start of the footy.

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