NBA Free Agency: Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade to follow LeBron James into free agency

In a move that will shape the narrative of the next NBA season, Dwyane Wade has reportedly opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat.

Breathe a (small) sigh of relief Miami Heat fans, it looks like everyone’s staying put. Reports broke last night that Dwyane Wade will opt out of his contract in order to join LeBron James in taking a potential pay that will allow the Heat to upgrade their roster this summer.

Now that Wade has opted out it’s surely only a matter of time before Chris Bosh follows suit.


James set things in motion earlier this week when he his agent announced his intention to opt out of the last 2 years of his contract. This move essentially either paved the way for Wade and Bosh to follow him into free agency, in an effort to clear cap space for Pat Riley to work with, or initiated ‘The Decision: Part 2’.

By the looks of it the Big Three aren’t quite ready to part ways yet and will potentially take a pay cut by as much as $5 million dollars a year to try and upgrade the roster that came up so evidently short against the San Antonio Spurs deep pool of talent.

This should definitely be warning sign for teams in the hunt for next year’s title. While Carmelo Anthony is the biggest name on the market this summer, it’s unlikely these stars will be willing to shed enough money from their contracts to be able to play together.

Even so, the addition of a player such as Kyle Lowry, whose already been linked to the Heat due to their lack of a quality starting point guard, would instantly catapult the Heat into the position as favourite to lift the Larry O’Brian trophy in roughly 11 months.

We should not start constructing super-teams yet though. Chris Bosh is apparently still undecided and the LeBron James’ situation still remains delicate. It is believed that if the Heat cannot do enough to show James that they are still capable of winning titles he may bolt to one his many suitors.