Upcoming games for PS4 - July 2014

The Last Of Us Remastered

Here’s the new games coming up for PS4 in July including The Last of Us Remastered and Oddworld New 'n' tasty

E3 came and went all the hot new games to keep the industry press going are in place and now we’re left with the previews, rumours and other gaming banter as the next AAAs are feverishly worked on. It has to be said all three of the big name consoles look to be having a boom year in 2015 games-wise not least PS4, hit this link to have a look at some of the PS4 exclusives that we’re touting in the wake of E3. In the meantime there’s still plenty more to come for PS4 this year and here’s the new games releases for July for anyone looking for new games this month.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - July 2nd

Drinkbox Studio’s Mexican themed action platform beat em up comes to PS4 with all previous DLC and some new levels and bosses. An indie title praised for its unique style and character Guacamelee! with its ‘use enemies as weapons’ gameplay and power-boosting abilities brings a modern twist to 2D arcade-style beat em ups with added exploration elements, we enjoyed this game on PS3, check it out below.

Mousecraft - July 8th North America, July 9th Europe

Also coming to PS3 and Vita as a cross-buy and cross-save title Crunching Koala's  cartoon styled platform puzzler has you aiding mice in their never-ending quest to acquire cheese by stacking and manipulating tetris-style, ‘tetrominos’ to safely pass through levels.

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty - July 22nd North America, July 23rd Europe

Abe and the Mudokons are making a return with a host of new touch-ups and a new game built from the ground up. It’s always good to see much loved old games making a come-back and the success of New ‘n’ Tasty could see an influx of new games from the Oddworld universe. PS4 gamers are going to be the first to get New ‘n’ Tasty while the other consoles are made to wait. A trailer celebrating Oddworld’s return is below.

The Last of Us Remastered - July 29 North America, July 30th Europe

Simply a masterpiece, great story, great acting, great cinematics, clever AI and now up-scaled graphics for PS4. Coming bundled with all the current available DLC including the Left Behind side story The Last of Us Remastered is no doubt going to enjoy a lot of sales a second time round. A trailer is below but beware of spoilers if this is your first time with The Last of Us.

It’s also worth noting that in North America Sniper Elite 3 comes out on July 1st and that the beta for Bungie’s much hyped shooter Destiny begins on the PlayStations in July.

That’s the PS4 releases we know of so far for July, it’s not the most generous of selections but TLOU more than makes up for that we think. As more PS4 titles come along we’ll be sure to report them. You can also check out what’s coming up for PlayStation Plus members in July here.

If you have any thoughts or comments you’d like to share do join in below.


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