DreadOut: Terrifying gameplay footage


DreadOut is a very creepy horror game - an abandoned town is not as barren as anticipated and hostile sinister forces lurk within.

If you haven't heard of DreadOut, it's an Asian horror game set in a not so abandoned town with deadly sinister forces present. It's also a timed exclusive for the PC, and the developers have plans to bring it to PS4 and Oculus Rift.

A school trip goes haywire when a wrong turn is made and the class discovers something creepily extraordinary, an abandoned town that, according to the map and local knowledge, doesn't even exist. Lost in the middle of nowhere, the class being typically full of recklessly curious students, decides to investigate. Not phased by the heavily morbid atmosphere the students end up exploring an abandoned school, but before long, nightfall hits and one of the students goes missing. Hysteria begins to kick in as more students are lost.

Here you can check out part one of a walkthrough, by Alzu Gaming

"Despite receiving mixed reviews, we are very glad to have such a lively community. All of your input will certainly help us in improving many aspects of our second act." The developers have stated. What do you think about the game? Or if you haven't yet played it, what do you think of the gameplay?

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