DCUO Game Update 38 Coming "Early Next Week".


Yeah that's right, Survival Mode will be accessible from early next week along with the other features GU 38 will introduce.

The new and largely anticipated survival mode will be available along with some new classic batman skins for legends PvP early next week with plenty of new patches and bug fixes. A specific date is to be announced, but we know that this is when you can expect to play the survival mode, if you have got the gear and skill.

In the mean time, here is some gameplay of the new survival mode from a test server:

GU 39, the most anticipated of the the two upcoming updates will arrive shortly after and feature not only DLC 11, but also many new features such as League halls. We are not sure when Update 39 will be released but next month seems likely. What do you think about the upcoming survival mode?

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