Humble Weekly Bundle: Frogwares <3 Ukraine

Humble Bundle Frogwares

If you are interested in getting a lot of games for whatever you chose to donate, here is what you can pick up.

If you love adventure games, there is a good opportunity to pick up a lot of them in this week's Humble Weekly Bundle, which goes to support the Ukranian Red Cross Society

Pay what you want for the following:
Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles
Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet
Dracula: Origin
Dracula: Love Kills
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Journey: Heart of Gaia 
Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine

Beat the average price (currently around $5) to also receive these Sherlock Holmes games:
The Awakened
The Secret of the Silver Earring 
Mystery of the Mummy.

If you contribute $9 or more, you'll get everything above plus:
Magrunner: Dark Pulse 
Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper

Well lets put it this way, if you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes, then you probably don't want to miss out. So head on over to the Humble Weekly Bundle page and make your donation. Oh and we can't forget, if you are also a fan of comics, be sure to check out the Humble Dynamite 10th Anniversary Bundle, you can get over 115 comics!

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