Dead Island: Epidemic – the world’s first ‘ZOMBA’ looks rather insane

Dead Island Epidemic Screen 1

Sunlock Studios and Deep Silver take the Dead Island IP in a new direction by developing a brand new Free-to-Play MOBA.

If you’re a fan of MOBAs and a fan of slaying zombies, then perhaps Dead Island: Epidemic could be for you? In this free-to-play PCZOMBA’ (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) three teams go head-to-head in top-down zombie survival action.

In the new gameplay video it explains that instead of clicking to move, you’ll have direct character control, using ‘WASD’ to move around the world and your mouse clicks to fire. You can team up with three other players in co-op mode to survive against the zombie horde, or take on ‘PvPvPvE’ against other teams of players to capture points and supplies whilst fighting the zombies.

Swap between ranged and melee weapons, whilst using many different characters with unique abilities. You can also craft and upgrade weapons to use in matches, like ‘fire axes’ that are actually on fire, and nail-studded paint rollers – oh, yeah, there’s a ‘sharknado’ in there for good measure too. Take a look at the gameplay video below, the game looks pretty out there.

Dead Island: Epidemic is currently in closed beta, but you can sign up on the website for a chance to gain access, or purchase one of the early access starter packs.

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