The 5 best things announced at Google I/O

After Google's annual developer conference concluded yesterday in San Francisco we are going to look at 5 of the best things that were announced.

1) Android L release preview

Google's next big Android update named L for the time being looks set to be the biggest design overhaul Android has ever seen. "Material Design" has taken over, the user interface uses shadows to make interactive icons appear 3-dimensional with much more depth. Feedback from taping buttons has been dramatically sped up, and buttons even ripple now to let you know they've been pressed.

Notifications have been improved and will now appear on the home screen, and there are other cool improvements too, like the quick settings panel and users now have more control over battery usage.

2) Android TV

Google is once again trying their hand at the TV market and this could be the one that really gets off them ground. Android TV will launch on Sony, Philips and Sharp 4K ready TVs from 2015. It will have all the features and design of Android L, and you will be able to control it with your Android smartphone, your voice or the regular TV remote. The TV operating system also has support for PC games, so you could potentially play high-end games on your TV.

3) Android One

Google has announced an all-new programme called the Android One. It won't have much impact on more developed countries as it is being created primarily for emerging countries. It is a system that provides smartphone manufacturers with components that they should be using in emerging market smartphones. Once built the smartphones will come installed with Android One's own operating system which will receive special updates. Google used India as an example of a country that the will benefit from Android One.

4) Android Wear

Android Wear is the operating that will be installed on all Android smartwatches. Yesterday wasn't the first time we saw or heard about Wear, but it did give us the chance to see it in action a bit more. The OS will work hand-in-hand with Android L, and will use much of the Google Now card interface. So swiping up and down and right and left will take you through all the different information that you can access. User's can interact with it by touch or voice and carry out tasks such as setting reminders, taking notes, setting an alarm and playing music.

5) Samsung Gear Live

Samsung's new smartwatch is available to preorder today at a cost of £169, and will ship to buyers on July 7. It will come with a 1.63in 320x320 screen, a 1.2GHz processor, IP67 certification, heart rate monitor and 4GB internal storage. Design-wise, it's 8.9mm thick, and has a pretty sharp screen with a resolution of 320 x 320. Samsung haven't released the Gear Live's specific battery life instead claiming it will last "all-day".