Privacy concerns mount after UK Google Glass launch

Google Glass

After Google Glass launched in the UK on Tuesday the ICO have expressed concerns over the protection of people's privacy.

Unfortunately for Google it has taken only two days for the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to wade into the Google Glass privacy debate.

The debate has been ongoing in the US and Canada since the spy-like gadget was released to developers in February 2013.

Although it seems fairly obvious for people who use Google Glass, but the ICO has warned people in a blog post not to break the law whilst using the wearable tech.

The ICO aren't expecting users to start killing or robbing banks, but Glass could potentially be used for recording copyrighted content like films at the cinema, or capturing footage in areas that are deemed private.

There is also a worry that people could find themselves being filmed without their permission, which isn't a problem if the footage captured is only for domestic use.

The ICO says the problem lies in if the footage from Google Glass is being used commercially; if that is the case then those filmed will need to be informed about how their data is being collected and used and it must be accurate and relevant. They must also comply with rules regarding the storage of personal data and destroying it once it has served its purpose.

Also yesterday it emerged that Google Glass has the ability to steal someone's four-digit password from just 10-feet away.

Research has been carried out at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and it found that: somebody wearing Google Glass for dishonest purposes could film an iPad user inputting their password from as far as 10-feet.

They found that Glass could film people's passwords with an 83% degree of accuracy. This is quite concerning, and Glass isn't the only device they tested; the iPhone 5 camera caught the pin every time, and a Samsung smartwatch could record it about as accurately as Glass could.

This isn't all to bad for future iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy users as all of those devices now have, or will have some point soon, a fingerprint scanner built-in for that added security.