CoD: Advanced Warfare vid talks tech, leaving us quietly optimistic

Cod Advanced Warfare

Activison’s latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise is due later this year - in the latest video we’re given details on future tech and new abilities.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘another year, another Call of Duty game with the same mechanics’. Well, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that, but hear me out. In the latest video released the devs talk about some of the future-tech included in the game, such as hover bikes, threat-detection grenades and directed-energy weapons – which all sound great, but we’re more intrigued by the exoskeleton.

The exoskeleton is the most interesting aspect, as the CoD series has embedded itself in its solid FPS gameplay over many years, without much deviation, the new addition of the exoskeleton could see a shift in the way the game is played – certainly the multiplayer will be given a new lease of life, we hope. The description of the exoskeleton from the devs say it will allow you to ‘jump really high’ and ‘run fast’, amongst a cloaking and slo-mo ability. If these abilities made available with the new exoskeleton bring any kind of momentum similarly seen in Titanfall (which we reviewed over here), released earlier this year, then we’re quietly optimistic that Advanced Warfare could be a welcome change to the series.

Take a look at the video below, and let us know which new aspects of the game you’re most excited about.




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