NBA Draft: Utah Jazz after the Cleveland Cavaliers' top pick

Derrick Favours, Alec Burks and multiple picks all rumoured to be included in a package for Cleveland’s number 1 overall pick.

As the NBA draft draws nearer the manoeuvring and posturing increases with each passing day. The latest team to enter the fray are the Utah Jazz who have reportedly offered the Cleveland Cavaliers some combination of their young power forward Derrick Favors, shooting guard Alec Burks, their number 5 pick and their number 23 pick in return for Cleveland’s 1st overall pick and Jarrett Jack.

First reported Spencer Checketts, it was said that Favors and the number 5 pick comprised the initial offer to the Cavs.

However, it was later reported that Burks, the number 23 pick and a future unprotected pick may all be thrown in to tip the scales.


Furthermore, Checketts reported that Andrew Wiggins was reason that Utah were trying to trade up, as opposed to Jabari Parker, who has been linked to the Salt Lake City due to his Mormon faith.

A bold move from Utah, it seems that they value the talent at the top of the draft board more than the pool of youth they’ve assembled over the last few seasons. Favors represents the biggest sacrifice for the Jazz as he’s a player they signed to a 4 year, $47 million contract only last October. This move suggests that the Jazz may be regretting their decision to invest so heavily in the 22-year old big man, something that might not be unfair given how much he’s earning.

Despite Burks enjoying the best year of his career last year, Jazz may not be so worried about losing his services should they draft either Wiggins or Parker. Both play the small forward slot and Utah could simply slide Gordon Hayward over to the 2 guard spot, providing they re-sign him this summer. The inclusion of Jarrett Jack in the trade would also allow Jack to play at the 2 or potentially come off the bench as their 6th man.

A core of Burke, Hayward and either Wiggins or Parker would, of course, be promising, but are the Jazz giving up too much with this offer? Should they lose Favors and the number 5 pick, they’d be without a quality starting power forward and Enes Kanter as their best big man. And while the Jazz would have bundles of cap room should they shift Favors, bringing one of the premier free agents of the summer to Utah may prove difficult.

It’s unlikely that one of the bigger stars would willingly move to Salt Lake City meaning that the Jazz would likely end up overpaying one of the second tier free agents, none of whom jump off the page and could play with Kanter as a floor stretching forward.

While the eventuality that the Jazz end up at the top of the board is unlikely, if they’re willing to throw enough at Cleveland they might just cause a coup tomorrow night.