Premier League reveals new Suarez player protection kit - picture

Luis Suarez Bite

The Premier League has today revealed the new kit teams facing Liverpool and Luis Suarez will be required to wear from next season (pictured below).

Premier League spokesperson Alf Safety said: 'Although FIFA have yet to come to a judgement in the most recent alleged biting incident, the Premier League feels it prudent that clubs facing Luis Suarez and Liverpool next season should be given the benefit of full protective clothing'.

Protective Clothing Kit

Suarez hit the headlines again last night, after seemingly biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder in the World Cup group decider between Italy and Uruguay. The South American team won 1-0, and now face a round of 16 knockout match with Colombia on Saturday.

FIFA has launched an investigation into the affair, and the Uruguayan Football Association has until 9pm this evening to put its side of the case. Sources close to the matter have told HITC that the South Americans will claim it was clearly a case of 'shoulder to teeth', rather than 'teeth to shoulder', and that Suarez should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Suarez faces a long term ban and the end of his World Cup 2014 dreams if he is found to have bitten Chiellini. Any ban, however, is likely to be restricted to international fixtures only, and will not impact his availability to play for Liverpool next season.

One top football insider told us: 'Suarez should not be playing for Uruguay in any case. He is clearly representing the wrong country - he should be playing for Hungary!'.

image © Vladimir Zinin

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