NBA Trade Talk: Is Josh Smith a good fit for the Sacramento Kings?

The Kings are reportedly looking to trade for the Pistons forward.

The Sacramento Kings have reportedly been in trade discussions with the Detroit Pistons over forward Josh Smith.

Smith was brought into Detroit in free agency last year, but has struggled to fit into a frontcourt that also features Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond.

Now, new Pistons head coach Stan van Gundy is looking to find a new home for the man nicknamed 'J-Smoove' and his $40 million contract.

The Kings have made no secret of their desire to trade for established NBA veterans as owner Vivek Ranadive wants to win sooner rather than later. They made a deal with the Toronto Raptors for Rudy Gay last year, and Smith could soon be the man to play alongside him and DeMarcus Cousins in the Sacramento frontcourt.

It has been suggested that the Pistons would receive Jason Thompson and either Derrick Williams, Jason Terry or Carl Landry from the Kings in what would simply be a salary dump for Detroit.

This deal would also allow Sacramento to keep the eighth pick in the NBA Draft, which they are widely believed to be interested in packaging for another veteran player.

Smith would provide the Kings with the defensive talent they have been searching for alongside the offensive threats of Cousins, Gay and point guard Isaiah Thomas.

Cousins in particular is a below-average defender, and Smith's mobility and shot-blocking would cover up some of the center's mistakes.

The Kings have been longtime admirers of Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo and have hopes of eventually trading for him. Rondo is a good friend of Smith's, which provides further insight into why the Kings are targeting the forward.

Smith's name has become something of a punchline in the NBA, much like Gay's had in Toronto, because of his disappointing play and huge contract.

But he is still one of the league's best athletes and a very valuable player if he sticks to what he does best. If Smith takes advantage of his tremendous physical assets and stays away from the three-point line he could be an excellent piece for the Kings as they strive to make the playoffs.