Monstrum: Hands On Alpha Gameplay!

Monstrum 3

Monstrum is a survival horror set on a procedurally generated shipwreck. You would think you are alone - you would think...

There is no clearer explanation I can give for this game, other than being stuck aboard a non-functioning cargo ship with a monster on-board pursuing you until you either die or escape. Fortunately this monster is easily visible when you are near, we think that is a good thing, however it is still very frightening and surprisingly fast  for what it is; a giant lava monster! Has anyone tried using a fire extinguisher on this thing yet? 

This is alpha gameplay and does not represent the final product, a lot of features from the final build are not available in the alpha, the escape options are limited and the alpha contains only one of the monsters that will pursue you. It is completely procedurally generated so if you are thinking of memorizing your way out, think again. Every play through will have a completely different layout, except for the deck. It's a challenging and punishing game, and it's permadeath, so when you die you're gonna have to start over.

It is Greenlit on Steam and will be available on PC shortly, followed by a release on the PS4.

Below you will find some hands on Gameplay - the footage and video belong to TheSparrowsJourney

 Monstrum Hands On Gameplay:

There are other hands on videos you can watch too if you want to get a grasp of how different each experience is.



What do you think of the Alpha footage? We will keep you updated on any developments.

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