Free to Play PS4: Let It Die Trailer

Let It Die

Let it die is an insanely violent free to play online hack and slash game exclusive to PlayStation 4.

Details about this game are extremely scarce, other than there'll be a lot of killing, an apparent leveling system, different costumes/gear and a wide range of weapons to slaughter your opponents with. There is a character creation process, and you'll start off in nothing but underwear. If you want clothes and weapons, you're gonna have to loot them. There is also death data, which when you die, uploads your characters statistics, inventory, clothes and weapons to the online server, creating a hostile manifestation of your previous character. This could suggest that the game features permanent death. Its also very gory according to the gruesome trailer revealed at E3, which you can find below.

Let It Die Announcement Trailer E3 2014:

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