Facebook releases Slingshot worldwide


Facebook has today released its own competitor to Snapchat called Slingshot to the world.

It was exclusive to the United States just a few weeks ago but now Facebook has rolled its Snapchat clone out to the rest of the world.

Slingshot is an application that is very (very, very) similar to Snapchat. You can "sling" pictures and short videos to your friends and once viewed the pictures and videos disappear.

Upon opening Slingshot you get prompted to sign up with your mobile number and a username. You get taken through some videos telling you what you can do and then you can start snapping/videoing. 

Tap Shoot to take a picture, or coincidently just like Snapchat again hold down the Shoot icon to make a video recording. You can also draw on pictures (wonder where they got that idea from) with a vast array of colours, but a really annoying tune plays whilst you are trying to do so.

Once you are done with the image tap Use and it will take you to the screen where you can send the photo, only problem being is that you won't have any friends using the application because it's only just been made available.

The main difference between the two picture messaging apps is that with Slingshot you can't just be a passive viewer. In order to view/unlock someone's pictures/videos you have to be active and send your own to them.

Will it catch on like Snapchat? It's hard to say. Facebook thinks Slingshot will be a way for users to update their status via image sending, this doesn't mean it will appear on Facebook itself because it won't, but it's more a way of sending friends pics of what you're up to and trying to find out what they're doing too.

Slingshot is available to try in the Android and iOS store right now.

Check out The Verge's video below that gives a better look at Slingshot.