PocketScan device smashes through Kickstarter goals


An awesome looking scanner made by San Francisco startup company Dacuda has raised five times more than its initial goal on Kickstarter.

It's claimed to be the smallest portable scanner in the world. Measuring no larger than your average business card you'd be brave to argue with that.

Dacuda's PocketScan has the potential to revolutionise the way in which we scan things into our digital lives. The device allows you to scan items of any size, even if they do not fit into a regular scanner.

The first videos of the device in action are very impressive to say the least and it has caught the attention of 2,302 people who have together pledged a total of $256,834, which quintuples their starting target of $50,000.

To work the device all that is required of the user is to press the main button on the top and then drag it along the surface of whatever you want to scan.

PocketScan has Bluetooth integrated technology and is capable of pairing with your PC, Mac and iPad. They have also just passed goals of $150,000 and $250,000 to make the device compatible with Android and iPhone running Apple's next generation operating system iOS 8.

Dacuda have also integrated the device with Microsoft Word and Excel. PocketScan will know whether you are scanning text or tables and will allow you to edit either one in the appropriate programme.

It can also detect languages, so if you have a wall of Chinese text and you have no idea how to read it, scan it into your PC, Mac or iPad with PocketScan and it will be translated for you.

Dacuda are estimating that early backers will receive their PocketScan device by Christmas, and when it eventually goes on general sale its retail price could be around the $149 mark. To check the device out view the video below or see this link.