NBA Draft: What should the Cleveland Cavaliers do with the top pick?

The Cavs have a number of options after news broke of Joel Embiid's injury.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the enviable position of owning their third number one draft pick in the past four years.

However, with no consensus top pick after news of Joel Embiid's broken foot, the Cavs face a tough decision in what to do with the top selection. Here are their options.

Draft Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins was regarded as the top prospect prior to last season and that still might be the case. He is one of the draft's best athletes, he could offer some good production straight away and they can bank on his physical gifts making him a good player down the line.

Cleveland will have a hole at the three if they do not re-sign Luol Deng, and Wiggins could easily fit in. However, the Cavs need a shot blocker, and obviously Wiggins does not fill that need.

Draft Jabari Parker

Parker is clearly the most NBA-ready player in the draft, and is generally considered a can't-miss prospect. He is a versatile scorer, a great shooter and widely regarded as one of the most coachable players available. Again, he doesn't fill the need that Embiid would address, but he is a more natural small forward than Wiggins and if the Cavs want to win sooner rather than later he would be able to play at a high level right out of the gate.

However, Parker reportedly had a poor workout in Cleveland, and is believed to favour playing in Milwaukee for the Bucks. If the Cavs get the sense that he doesn't want to play for them they may be best advised to look elsewhere.

Trade down and draft Embiid

Before news of his injury, Embiid was the Cavs' guy. They loved his shot blocking, his athleticism and his upside and he blew their scouts away at his Cleveland workout. There are fears among teams that he is injury prone, and when you look at the big men who have suffered similar injuries it does not look promising (see Yao Ming and Bill Walton).

The Cavaliers will never attract big names in free agency and their best chance of landing a superstar is to draft one. If Embiid stays healthy throughout his career, he has the chance to be the franchise player that the team needs.

Their best plan may be to trade the top pick on draft night to one of the other teams near the top of the draft. They could feasibly trade down within the top five and acquire Thaddeus Young, Aaron Afflalo or Derrick Favors while still being in position to take Embiid.

If the Cavaliers traded the number one pick for the 76ers' number three selection and Young, then Philadelphia could grab Wiggins, Parker would fall to the Bucks at number two, and Embiid would still be available for Cleveland. This would appear to be a win-win scenario for all three teams, and one that could play out on draft night.