Kickstarter company to build world's smallest wireless earbuds

Earin earbuds

Earin, a Swedish technology company are creating tiny wireless earbuds that will make you look like a secret agent.

Having already trebled their Kickstarter goal, Earin look set to produce the world's smallest in-ear earbuds in time for January next year.

There are no cables or dangly bits, just the two small earbuds that fit snuggly into your ears. Earin claim they have built the device solely for lovers of music, so don't expect any sensors, lights or microphone.

Earin is using technology called balanced armature speakers, which feature, in hearing aids and in professionally in-ear monitors.

They describe the speaker as having a "high-precision design consisting of spring and magnetic force that removes a lot of the moving mass". Earin also claim their speaker is incredibly energy efficient and uses "only a fraction of comparable technologies".

The battery in Earin earbuds will apparently last for 1000 charge cycles and should give you approximately 5 hours of playback time before you will need to recharge the buds.

Charging them looks incredibly cool. In the earbud package you will get a small capsule where you can store as well as charge them. The capsule also acts as a battery; so to charge it all you need to do is hook it up to your computer via USB.

Once fully charged you can take it out and about and it will charge up the small Li-Ion button battery that is in both of the Earbuds.

Included in the package will be the earbuds, the capsule, spare silicone buds, a USB cable and something that Earin calls a Concha lock, which gives an extra secure fitting in the ear if you are using the earbuds at the gym or exercising elsewhere.

The Kickstarter idea has already received incredible backing as it smashed its £179,000 goal and it has currently raised £578,244.

You can go and check the world's smallest earbuds out at Earin's webpage or have a look at their Kickstarter campaign here.