Ten hotly anticipated Wii U exclusive games

Bayonetta 2 Cover

Nintendo’s show at E3 joyously sang of a bright future for Wii U with floods of games coming in 2014/15 Here’s 10 Wii U exclusive we're looking out for.

The games drought that’s plagued Wii U since launch looks like it's abating with the recently revealed intake of new Wii U games. For a console that struggles to attract third party interest Wii U has lost out on some of the big new titles this year or at least as with Watch_Dogs are being made to wait.

But what has the Wii U got the everything else hasn’t? Beyond Mario Kart 8 there’s a fair few games ahead that are looking a lot more like ‘must plays’ rather than console fillers. From the Wii U console exclusives coming this and next year here’s ten that are causing a stir at HITC.

Hyrule Warriors

A crossover title taking the combat action from Dynasty Warriors into the rolling hills of Hyrule. Hyrule Warriors has playable characters from the legendary adventure games most notably the elven front man Link. Hyrule warriors replaces puzzling and dungeons will all-out epic hack and slash fun. An interesting Zelda spin-off to try and one for fans eagerly awaiting the next Zelda game to have a look at. Hyrule Warriors is coming to Europe on September 19th and North America on September 26th.


Bayonetta 2

We enjoyed playing Bayonetta on PS3 and were wondering when a sequel might show up. At E3 Nintendo announced they’ve scooped up the series and the next Bayonetta game would be a WIi U exclusive. in a move that gives Nintendo a more adult themed, provocative title to add to their typically non-raunchy family-safe first party games. Bayonetta 2 is currently set for an October release.


Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles was one of the games to draw focus from Operation Rainfall, a fan led campaign to persuade Nintendo to bring niche Japanese titles to the west. Regarded as a JRPG that moved the genre along, the spiritual successor to the game, Xenoblade Chronicles X will be getting a worldwide release in 2015. JRPG fans on Wii U looking for a good open world RPG experience with plenty of mech toys should check this out.


Super Smash Bros for Wii U

We knew Super Smash Bros was coming to Wii U ahead of E3 but at the time it looked like a lonely stand out game, the title other than Mario Kart 8 that would enjoy decent software sales. Since the honoured event there’s loads more to go with Smash Bros that’s not to say that Nintendo’s celebration of leading game franchises via the medium of zany fighting isn’t going to be huge. Coming in the Wii U outing of Super Smash Bros will be the Wii Fit Trainer, Mii Fighters, Mega Man and the power-pill guzzling arcade legend Pac Man. This one is also coming to 3DS with player content transferable between Nintendo’s handheld and your Wii U and is currently set to hit the Wii U towards the end of the year along with the first of Nintendo’s amiibo NFC figures.



An iOS game coming to Wii U as a console exclusive Tengami takes you to a pop-up book, paper folding world of puzzles styled with distinctive Japanese artistry, An example for Wii U of how indie games can be creative and different.


Star Fox

Star Fox has lived on via Nintendo’s handheld devices but hasn’t has a console version since the GameCube. We’re really pleased to see the classic sci-fi shooter making a comeback and the integration of the Wii U gamepad as a cockpit view/motion controller looks to be something suitably new to give the game life. Here’s Miyamoto San giving a tantalizingly brief Star Fox tease.


Mario Maker

A game allowing you to create your own custom made Super Mario Bros levels set to spawn a community of Mario platform game creators. We’re very interested to see how Mario Maker progresses as potentially it could be the biggest title yet on the Wii U.



A colourful, innovative third person MOBA shooter that secretes character across the screen. Want the pace and competition of online multiplayer shooters without the endless death and violence? Check out Splatoon below, some physics bending mechanics are making this game look suitably original whilst maintaining the fun-focused NIntendo appeal/



The short but reassuringly awesome Zelda Wii U trailer at E3 promises much with the new game. Luscious cel shaded anime graphics, wide expansive open-world exploration and some impressive OTT gameplay.Any new Zelda game coming to Wii U was going to do well but this is really looking like something else check out the Wii U Zelda below.


Devil’s Third

Another third person action game to join the Wii U’s currently lacking roster of big action titles. Devil’s Third is looking like a bombastic shoot and slash with a blend of running and gunning and straight-up thumpingly visceral hack and slash melee. Pretty cheesy looking in parts but nonetheless we expect Devil’s Third will be doing well when it lands on Wii U sometime later this year.


What do you make of our Wii U exclusives selection? Are there games you’re waiting to play on the list or have we overlooked a big Wii U hitter you’re getting excited about? Have your say in the comments below.

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