The new Pringles advert

Pringles Advert

'We open with four men, all sitting on a sofa, and cheering… crisps?’

As you might have noticed, the World Cup is on, and along with the packed pubs, the national hysteria and the misplaced hope that England’s team of spoilt millionaires will suddenly become amazing at kicking a ball around, it’s also time to revive the national pastime of claiming women hate football. And with the new advert for Pringles (or, er, Pringoooals as they’ve been renamed by someone who was clearly rushing out of the office early that day), we can now declare the season of misogyny underway.

We open with four men, all sitting on a sofa, and cheering… crisps? There’s no TV there, so we can only assume they’re just REALLY pleased with wearing scarves, eating Sour Cream And Chive Pringles and drinking… water? What IS this? But – disaster! One #lad’s phone rings, and (even though EVERY SINGLE PHONE made since 1999 has caller ID), he’s shocked to find it’s his girlfriend. Well, we say “girlfriend” – he looks like the kind of bloke who’d yell “Cheer up, it might never happen” out of a van, then follow it up with “Stupid cow” when you refuse to smile at him. Don’t panic, though: as the ad demonstrates, your annoying missus can always be ditched by pretending you’re “going into a tunnel”, and then sealing your phone into a empty tube of Pringles. She was probably only calling to nag him, or prattle on about her shoe shopping trip and how she’s going for a rosé with her girls, right? Right? Or maybe she’s calling from the next room to tell him to keep the incessant chat down, as she’s watching the match and all she can hear is his mates banging on about crisps.

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