iWatch will have over 10 sensors and come in multiple sizes

Apple iWatch Still

Apple's iWatch will reportedly feature more than 10 sensors and be available in multiple sizes.

The Wall Street Journal is claiming that Apple will release the much rumoured iWatch later this year. It will also reportedly come with over 10 integrated sensors and will be available to buy in a selection of sizes.

WSJ's report claims to have sources close to Apple who say that the iWatch will have over 10 built-in sensors that will keep track of things such as health and fitness. Apple allegedly wants to expand the capabilities of the smartwatch beyond the functionality of today's smartphones; current smartwatches are often criticised for not doing anything that can't already be done on a smartphone.

Apple could launch the iWatch as early as October with production set to begin in last July/August time. Quanta Computer Inc, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, is understood to be Apple's supplier for the iWatch. Quanta and Apple has a good working history as they also build Apple's Mac desktop computers.

The tech giant has been under pressure of late, as it has not released a new product line since the iPad, which launched four years ago. CEO Tim Cook has also hinted that the iWatch is imminent as he pledged that the company would be releasing a new product category by the end of 2014.

The Wall Street Journal's claim that the iWatch will ship in multiple sizes backs up a recent report from Reuters that stated the iWatch would have quite a large 2.5-inch touch screen, but would also come in 1.3 and 1.6-inches to suit different wrist sizes.

The wearables market hasn't yet taken off and critics are unsure if their will ever be a great demand for smart watches. With the recent failure of the Nike FuelBand venturing into this area could be risky for any tech company.