EA launch Game Time on Origin with 48 hours of free play on Titanfall

Titanfall Screen 6

Over on Origin you can get access to the full Titanfall game for 48 hours.

EA have launched a new promotion on Origin called Game Time. Origin users will be able to get access to full versions of games over a 48 hour period free of charge allowing you to try before you buy.

Going straight in with the big guns EA’s first Game Time giveaway is the hit mech shooter and Xbox darling Titanfall.

Game Time works with a 48 hour countdown timer that starts from the time you boot up the game and counts down in real time. Once your 48 hours is up you will lose access to the game unless you decide to purchase. If you do, all your progress will be saved and you can carry on as you were.

“It’s Game Time!” announced EA, “This is a brand new program on Origin: it’s free time with full games. Origin Game Time isn’t a demo, it’s the full game playable for free for as long as there’s time on your Game Time clock,

“This weekend you’ll be able to download Titanfall and play for free for two days straight. We’re launching Origin Game Time for Titanfall across the world over the next several hours, so if you don’t see it available yet in your territory, you will soon. Origin Game Time games will appear on our Free Games page when they’re available to download.”

EA went on to add that Titanfall will be the first of many more Game Time promotions.

What do you make of EA’s new Game Time promotion? Will you be checking out Titanfall for free? We’re heading over there now!

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