NBA Draft: Confident Wiggins claims he’ll 'be a star wherever he goes'

The prospect out of Kansas showed how confident he is he’ll succeed in the NBA

An NBA scout recently had this to say about Andrew Wiggins:

“He’s an elite athlete and a great on-ball defender. I think he will be a very good shooter in the NBA. I have questions about his ball-handling and his ability to get past defenders in our league in the half-court. I’m also not sold on his basketball IQ.

"He does some of the same moves a lot of the time and didn’t make the right reads against defences. The other major concern I have is whether he has a killer instinct and whether he can be a star.”

That’s an awful lot of questions to have about someone who is a potential number 1 pick. When Wiggins was asked to respond to these comments, he reportedly did so in emphatic fashion:

“I think I’ll be a star wherever I go. That’s just how confident I am in my ability.”

For a player whose killer instinct and will to dominate games has been questioned as much as Wiggins has, to claim that he’ll be a star in the NBA is an extremely bold and borderline arrogant thing to say.

This confidence, however, may work in Wiggins favour, as NBA teams tend to judge a player’s ability to lead a team based on his confidence in his own ability. Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are known for their self-confidence and its that trait that everyone was so quick to claim LeBron lacked when he failed to show up in the 2011 NBA Finals against Dallas.

For all the questions that do surround Wiggins, he’s probably right in thinking that he’ll do well at the next level. As the scout says, he is a truly unbelievable athlete, something that ensures a certain level of success in the NBA.

It’s true that Wiggins does need to brush up the offensive side of his game but with hard work and experience, something he’ll get plenty of, it’s likely Wiggins will reach a point near the lofty ceiling of his potential.

In terms of where Wiggins will begin his NBA career, the whole draft conversation has been shaken up by the recent news that Joel Embiid has suffered a fracture in his right foot.

While Embiid was the favourite to go number 1 on the 26th, concerns over his long term health may lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to take Wiggins over Embiid with the 1st overall pick, though the Philadelphia 76ers may get involved to ensure they land Wiggins, the player they've become increasingly hot on.