Chicago Bulls NBA Trade Talk: LeBron James can sign and follow Michael Jordan?

Could LeBron James' biggest Decision in years see him switch to an Eastern Conference rival from Miami?

LeBron James has a choice to make, and so far he has not committed his future to Miami.

It is a decision over his future which will shape the 2014 season, Miami's future, and the team and conference he elects to play in.

Teams across the NBA are interested in his signature, but not all can afford him. The Clippers for example, or the Knicks, would not be able to find the cap space.

A return to Cleveland is a natural talking point, but there would have to be a lot of bridge mending with the Cavaliers organisation and fanbase, for it to be acceptable to everybody, and even James himself.

One team who tick all the boxes, writes Yahoo's Marc Spears, is the Chicago Bulls.

"The Bulls could have the available money, and they have Derrick Rose and arguably the league's best defender in Joakim Noah. Chicago would have to amnesty forward Carlos Boozer and likely trade forward Taj Gibson to get the needed salary cap space."

Chicago have been pursuing Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony, but would they drop each of them in a second to get LeBron? You bet they would.

Along with the Pacers, Chicago have been Miami's biggest rivals in the Eastern Conference over the past few seasons. LeBron has often come out on top, but he is seen as the chip would would swing the pendulum back in the other direction.

The Bulls have a well set team, and are searching for a superstar to elevate them to win a Championship.

For all the comparisons between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, where better to cement his legacy than with the Bulls?