US leaks names of Bitcoin buyers

The US government has accidentally leaked the names of potential buyers of the Silk Road Bitcoin seizure.

The BBC is reporting that the US Marshals service unintentionally sent out all the email addresses of all those interested in bidding for the Bitcoin haul, after it was only supposed to email them to inform how the auction process would be carried out.

The mistake came to light after it was reported on Bitcoin news website CoinDesk, which claims to have the list of interested buyers. The US Marshals Service has apologised unreservedly for the error, claiming the leak "was in no way intentional".

The haul of Bitcoin that goes up for auction in America on June 27 is said to total almost 30,000 Bitcoins. Now with the value of a single Bitcoin teetering at approximately $600, it would make the total amount seized worth an estimated $18 million.

Silk Road was an online marketplace where users could anonymously purchase or sell any kind of drugs thanks to its secure browser, meaning it's very difficult to trace the dealers. Most sales would be made with the crypto-currency and some believe the value transferred could have topped $1 billion.

When the US seized the Bitcoin held on Silk Road founder Ross William Ulbricht's computer, it's believed that other than the initial 30,000 that were taken, another 144,000 worth $87 million was also seized and will be kept by the US Government.

Dread Pirate Roberts is the fictional name associated with the very founding of the marketplace and the US government believe that Ulbricht is this character, despite his claims to the contrary. He is currently incarcerated in Brooklyn awaiting trial.