Earn free games in the Steam Summer Sale 2014

Steam Summer Sale 2014

Valves digital download platform, Steam, has launched its Summer Sale today.

Last week we brought you news that the Steam Summer Sale may hit on 19 June. Well, today is the day, and over on Steam you can see the rumours were true. The website and download platform have been updated with the Steam Summer Sale details.

You can pick up games like The Witcher 2 for a massive 80% off, or Far Cry 3 for 75%. The usual eight-hour Flash Sales are in there too, as well as the CommunityChoice Flash Sales, where you get to vote on what games are discounted next.

The sale runs from 19-30 June and will feature over 100 hundred titles as Daily Deals between those dates, changing every 24 hours.

There is also a Steam Summer Adventure feature, which allows you to collect and craft 10 Summer Adventure cards. By doing so you can earn community rewards and in-game items, which go towards helping your randomly-assigned team. 30 members of the team that wins each day, who helped gain points that very day, receive 3 games off their Wishlist for free. Everyone else that helped to win receives two bonus trading cards. The remaining people who contributed points get one bonus card. Head on over to the FAQ page for more info.

So, make sure you update your Wishlist, check your bank balance, and head on over to Steam to nab yourself some deals.

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