Memphis Grizzlies NBA Trade Talk: Marc Gasol gives good news

Marc Gasol isn’t just Pau Gasol’s brother; this much is plain by now.

The 2013 defensive player of the year is a big name in his own right; almost every NBA team would have him on their starting line-up if possible. This doesn’t make a difference to Marc.

Marc, who will be a free agent next summer if he does not sign a contract extension, isn’t going anywhere. He Spoke to Ronald Tillery of the Commercial Appeal:

“I’ve always said Memphis is my home away from home,” Gasol said. “Robert (Pera, Grizzlies owner) knows that. I know that. My teammates know that and that’s all that matters. I live day to day but I don’t see myself anywhere else.”

Gasol has had six fruitful years in Memphis and has represented no other team in his NBA career. The 29 year old signed a contract in 2011 that lasts through to 2015, and he is expected to wait until then before signing on the dotted line again so he can get a longer, 5 year deal.

From his perspective there is no reason to search for greener pastures. On the court he enjoys an effective partnership with power forward Zach Randolph, forming a lethal tandem in and around the paint. It hasn’t been all steady sailing of course. There has been upheaval, most notably the departures of Rudy Gay and Lionel Hollins.

The Grizzlies remain a team you try and avoid in the playoffs. By retaining Marc Gasol and, presumably, Zach Randolph, the Grizzlies obtain stability, and if they develop the players around them championship contention isn’t out of reach.